Wednesday, December 22, 2010

gloria in excelsis... the heights of your wazoo

wednesday 22 december 2010
turners tyrants

Today Cathy, or Kathy (I really don't give a fig) gave me a Christmas card. I've known Cathy for a lot of years, though only fairly casually. But she HAS known for quite some time that I'm an atheist. I have said it to her myself, on more than one occasion.

Now, handy little Cathy makes her cards herself. This year she did it with rubber stamps. The stamp she used for the FRONT of the card was all right. A manger scene, true, and just slightly insulting to an atheist, but not too bad. No magi or anything, just little kids kneeling at a manger, a few animals. Nothing I would have made any issue of. No, it was the INSIDE of the card that lit the fuse (as it was intended to do). The rubber stamp used inside was something to the effect that I would have the love of christ at this time. I said a very insincere thank you and went on about my computer business. But the more I thought about that message over the next two hours, the more insulted I became, and the more I realized what a deliberate little jab of the knife of ignorance and meanness that message was.

The card was given about 10:00. Two hours later, Cathy was gone, and I had a moment with another woman. I showed her the card and told her how insulting it was, and that Cathy has known for a long time that I'm an atheist. I told her: this is what I mean when I talk about how I've been treated here for 25 years. Outright meanness and attacks, and nasty little passive-aggressive things like this Cathy stunt. And she says to me: Just stand tall and defend yourself. I told her that I HAD been defending myself in 2007, against two profoundly disturbed and ruthless women, and that's how my life got destroyed. I told her I was going to Cathy's house to leave the card in front of her door. I wrote a note on it: No thanks, Cathy. You already know I'm an atheist. This I did just before 12:30.

I'm sure Cathy-defenders, and people who don't believe in passive-aggressive acts, will whimper: but maybe those were the only stamps she had. If so, then she should have hand-written the message. Seasons greetings, or some other neutral, non-religious thing. She's perfectly capable of writing. Save your whimpering. I'm not interested.

This is the kind of garbage I've taken from the uneducated, unevolved, uncaring baboons of turners falls for twenty-five years. they just won't let Nakis be. they have to jab, from the kinds of moves like the one Cathy made today (she could have skipped giving me a card at all, rather than give an insult), all the way up to the life-destroying actions of the mafia-chick and the mental landlady. I wish them misery on christmas and every other day. I wish them suffering. I wish them hurt. I wish them all the things that most of them have always given me in such abundance: ignorance and meanness.

shove your message to the heights of your wazoo, Cathy. gloria in excelsis.


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