Wednesday, May 22, 2013

slogging on

wed 22 may 2013 writing elsewhere......... on twitter, I'm writing a fictional story in tweets. @ziidjian........ at wordpress, there's a new page in the silly novel. there's also a whole new blog about a recently deceased baby brother. only a couple of pages so far. a recent page in one of the animal books: death of one dear bird, arrival of another. a page on the life of the mind at wish they hadn't made the composition page here so crappy all of a sudden.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

blogger rant

saturday 9 march 2013 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ it's happening everywhere, at lots of blogging sites. one site changes their post-writing page, then all the others do too. and they don't all make the same changes. so I, a non-technical luddite, struggle to figure out the new ways and mostly can't. then I end up with published pages that look like junk out of a comic book. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I want pages that look like book pages, as much as possible. I'm not a stinking tech-head who can figure out all these arcane changes, I'm just a sixty-year-old writer who wants to write and have my pages look rather booky. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can't get that on blogspot anymore the last few months. can't get the spacing I want, the look I want. so, henceforward, I'll only be making posts here that are links to other posts... other posts on blogsites where I can still get a decent looking page. I thank the readers I've had here over the last five years. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I will re-state that on every single page of this blog, ALL PHOTOS, GRAPHICS, POEMS AND TEXT ARE COPYRIGHT 2008-2013 BY ANNE NAKIS, UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ website outline ~~~~~~~~~

Friday, March 8, 2013

mental hell redux

friday 8 march 2013 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ no keeping the head above the flood-tide. not for very long, anyway. recent writings on recent floods: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a soulcast post ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a brother post ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and another brother post ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a brother blog, in its infancy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the loss of a young, saintly bird ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and, as ever, the website outline ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~