Saturday, April 19, 2008

mentalhell... and ten months later


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saturday 19 april 2008 greenfield

Living in mentalhell, falling down the rabbit hole. Life destroyed by the Department of Mental Health, and a couple of others. No more songs, no more birds, no more dogs and cats. Oddballs are forbidden by the Department of Mental Mind-Police.


That was what I wrote the day I began this blog in April of 2008. Now it's much later (Feb 2010), and much more has happened. In July of 2008 a man told me people wanted to harm me and that I was being protected by federal types from Burlington, Vermont (where I've been told there's a federal branch office). He also told me my own grandfather had been in organized crime. The stress, anxiety and depression that this information caused was added on top of the damage the Department of Mental Health had already done by sitting back and letting my whole way of life be taken from me. Writing about these things -- the people, the events, the emotions -- is the only way I've been able get through each arduous day of the last twenty-three months.


read... Sehnen... Spite and malice


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