Monday, December 19, 2011

propaganda lives

monday 19 december 2011

Just read a post by another blogspot writer. Very angry at The Amerikan Dream. I relate. I share this anger. I too have been left behind by that thing that so many attain, but not all. And those of us who don't get The Amerikan Dream are led to believe by those who do that it is somehow our own fault.

For too many years, I believed I would get some version of that Dream. I grew up with that damned dream. My own parents achieved a version of it: moved beyond the poverty in which they'd been raised; had a house and three children; had cars and television and a decent lifestyle. I was born in the fifties. I grew up with that dream made flesh in my parents and in most of the adults around me. I did not doubt that my idea of the Dream would be had.

Things happen in life. And other things don't happen. What many people call luck I choose to call the randomness. The randomness of living. If I cared to take the time, I could cite you many examples of people besides myself who took many steps and made many efforts to achieve their version of the The Amerikan Dream, and failed. Not for lack of effort, not for lack of desire. For lack of helpful randomness. If you are one of those who would blame us for our own dreamlessness, then I think that my immediate response to you would be: stuff a sock in it.

The Amerikan Dream is an effective propaganda with which many generations have been raised (brainwashed, duped), and presumably more generations will be raised with it as well. If you get the dream, you regard the prophecy as truth rather than propaganda. Those of us who don't get it are, I think, entitled to regard it as a lie, a con, a great slinging of societal bullshit.


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